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PO 3103 - Genetics I

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Study Guide

Study Guide for Introductory GeneticsThe Study Guide for Introductory Genetics, 4th edition (Revised Printing), was developed as a Workbook for Introductory Genetics students. It is the main source of class information, with other texts and articles used as supplemental reading. In order to increase the understanding and learning efficiency of the student, the order of subject material in the Study Guide corresponds to that presented in class. It also contains blank pages for additional note taking.

To meet the needs of an audience belonging to a broad spectrum of science majors, its contents incorporate a large variety of important topics from Mendelian concepts to DNA sequencing. Furthermore, it draws from both the prokaryotic and eukaryotic levels, and plant and animal kingdoms for demonstrational purposes. The Study Guide has been eagerly adopted by students and has been described as complete, yet very understandable.

Those interested in obtaining the Study Guide for Introductory Genetics for teaching purposes, please contact E. David Peebles (d.peebles@msstate.edu) (662) 325-3379 or Sharon Womack (s.womack@msstate.edu) (662)325-8220 for publisher information.

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Basic Concepts in Drosophila Melanogaster Genetics

This video is a laboratory instructional tool which provides a concise description of sex identification, and the inheritance of autosomal and sex-linked traits in Drosophila melanogaster. Live images and diagrams are used throughout the video for full description of each topic. The video is designed to be used as a companion instructional resource with the Study Guide for Introductory Genetics [Peebles, 2014, 4th edition (Revised Printing), Kendall/Hunt Co.].

Those interested in obtaining a copy of the laboratory video for teaching purposes, please contact E. David Peebles (d.peebles@msstate.edu) (662) 325-3379 or Sharon Womack (s.womack@msstate.edu) (662) 325-8220. Video is sold by the Poultry Science department at a price of $25.00 per copy.

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