James R. Red Hill

The Hill Poultry Science Building is the only building on the Mississippi State University campus that was built with funds provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

In the 1960's, Dr. Bruce Glick, an eminent immunologist and faculty member in our department, served with the National Science Foundation's Facility Grant Program. This program provided funding for buildings dedicated to basic science. Funding was dependent upon convincing NSF that a strong basic science research program existed in the department. Evidence had to include active research grants (including federally sponsored grants) and a record of research publications with graduate student involvement. In addition, teaching of basic science courses was an important aspect of funding.

There was strong competition for this funding from many institutions across the U.S. Examples of successful applications include a chemistry building at the University of Missouri, a physiology related building at the University of Michigan, a medical physiology facility at Michigan State University, a nutrition facility at North Carolina State University, and this building at Mississippi State University.

All of the faculty in our Poultry Science Department became involved in preparing the funding proposal. Dr. Glick and Dr. Elbert Day provided major strengths with their records of grants, publications and strong graduate student involvement. Dr. Charles Thomas taught basic genetics courses and Dr.Glick taught basic courses in immunology and physiology. Professors Lester Dressen and Ben Dilworth, along with department head, James E. "Red" Hill, completed the team.

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Hall of Fame

Poultry Hall of Fame
The efforts of this faculty were successful. The building was built and occupied in 1967. It continues as the primary site of all educational and research programs of the Poultry Science Department of Mississippi State University. Two classrooms are used for teaching all poultry courses. The Hill Poultry Science Building also houses the Mississippi Poultry Hall of Fame with portraits of the twenty-one poultry industry honorees.